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We love people, and we think businesses have the greatest opportunity to make positive, lasting impacts on the world. Yet, the overwhelming majority of companies focus on dated business practices from the industrial revolution of the 1800s! It might come as a surprise, but business has changed significantly since then and is changing faster today than ever before. So why is it that after all these changes, many businesses haven’t changed their approach? Why is it that many businesses see their employees as an asset or a cog in the machine rather than… people?

We think there’s a better way and we have found both science and research back up that hypothesis. By utilizing proven methods, intuitive metrics, and industry-leading strategies we can create positive, lasting impacts on both the lives of your employees as well as your company as a whole. Companies that focus on culture enjoy many successes such as having 25% less turnover than their peers, outperforming their competitors in the stock market by a factor of 3, attracting higher caliber talent, more engaged employees, happier employees, and increased net promoter scores versus those companies that let culture "just happen".

Having been immersed in award-winning workplace culture and wellbeing, we can honestly say that we don’t see what our company does as a job but rather as a calling and our passion. The impact we have witnessed on the organizations we have worked alongside as well as the impact on the lives of their employees lets us know that what we do as a consulting group really matters and makes a difference.

Our Approach

We have a steadfast commitment to making things happen that really matter to ensure our clients, coworkers, and community can thrive. We don’t take a prearranged, cookie-cutter approach. Instead, we draw upon years of experience, rooted in research to all we do. We focus on cultural excellence with aptitude, empathy, genuineness, compassion, thoughtfulness, and a little bit of flair alongside a fierce commitment to our clients’ success. We win when our clients and their employees win.

JT Galloway, Owner
JT Galloway, Owner

Our Team

My goal through this company is to positively affect one million lives as we help build exceptional company cultures. From cultivating an office culture that was on Forbes Top 100 companies to work for, to being on a global stage receiving international recognition for an employee wellbeing plan, I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing leaders who believe in the value of their employees. I’m happily married to my wife, Heather, and love our two kids, Nora and Jace, along with our dog Guinness. We love the outdoors, celebrating life with friends and family, playing games for the charity Extra Life to benefit children at CMN hospitals, and cheering on the local sports teams.


Our team and clients continue to lead the way with innovative organizational culture design. We're grateful to have worked alongside several great companies that have been nationally and internationally recognized. These include being named to Fortune's Top 100 companies to work for and the Global Healthy Workplace Award, among others.


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