We've put this big emphasis on our workplace. Is an open floor plan going to increase collaboration? How much natural light can we get? Should managers have doors to their office? Would a white noise machine help with concentration?

While design build is something we should be mindful of, right now we're seeing a shift in our workplace wellbeing and focusing more on our workforce wellbeing. With so many employees remote, this will force leadership in many companies to take a second look on profitability models. Turns out, people can work from home and get the job done. All of a sudden, those white noise machines seem more like a liability than an asset.

Let me be clear, I don't think "the office" is going completely away. We still have an ingrained need to connect with others and most of us crave that interaction on some level (yes, even you, the introvert). So I don't think we're just going to have all these abandoned buildings downtown because of the workforce going more remote. However, I will say, there will be some migration as it has already started happening.

Now our work social interaction will primarily be through technology; IM, Zoom, text, phone, etc. With the shift happening already, here by the end of 2020 you will see companies who are more agile than others change to adhere to the new workforce rather than workspace. That is why putting your wellbeing efforts into more of a context of workforce rather than workplace is a key element moving forward. Doing things like small group meet ups, outdoor activities, and having an incredibly flexible office space usage concept will serve the company and the employees well.

Finally, even with this change the items leadership should be focusing on right now hasn't changed. Resiliency, change management, collaboration, etc - these are emotional intelligence factors (shown to be the largest indicator of a successful manager) that are needed now just as much, if not more, than before the change in the work scene. These factors can help with the transition from workplace to workforce wellbeing.