In our current work climate, so many companies are looking back and saying "man, if only I would have known...". No one could have predicted the pandemic, but we could have prepared for it. Truth is, most of the same things that help companies be stronger outside of a pandemic, are ones that help MORE during one. Here's what we mean:

Companies right now are looking back saying things like change management, resiliency, and engagement are now more critical than ever. Our mental health is being taxed and our support network is no longer just a hug away. All the while, companies still need to get work done and produce at a high level. The problem though, is companies are still focusing on how people are performing during a pandemic rather than how they are growing from a pandemic.

A COVID example looks at the best doctors who look for underlying causes. If a patient comes in with a rash, most doctors would prescribe a lotion to alleviate the burning, itching, and irritation to get rid of it. However, that lotion won't do squat if their patient still walks through poison ivy every day. The best doctors ask about how the rash happened, and treats the root issue, not just the rash. In the same way, companies who focus on trying to perform will be treating the immediate need, but not the underlying cause.

A true growth culture focuses on connecting to how people feel, and how they behave as a result. In a growth culture, people learn how to see the root issue; acknowledge insecurities and shortcomings rather than unconsciously acting them out; and spend less energy defending their personal value so they have more energy available to create external value. Rather than most performance-driven companies where there are those that do or "win" and those that struggle or "lose".

Some of the indicators of companies that focus on growth are psychologically safe work spaces, leadership driven feedback-loop teams, autonomous based jobs, regular learning opportunities (both emotional and intellectual), and having a cadence of communication. These are all easy to say, but incredibly hard to put into practice.

Right now it's easy to hide, shelter, protect, and keep isolated. These feelings we have come through in our work and if we aren't intentional of challenging ourselves and our leaders, our teams will suffer the same fate. However, when we invest resources into the foundation of ourselves and our teams, we are able to not just see our teams produce, but thrive.

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