Imagine for a moment you open your eyes after being closed for a long time. The light hurting just a bit as you adjust but as you look around you notice you're surrounded by unfamiliarity. The first two questions you seek answers to are "Where am I?" and (often subconsciously) "Where do I want to go?".

Companies often find themselves rolling through the days, weeks, months, and years doing business and figuring out ways to adapt as challenges come to them. One day comes and they stop to take a look around their company and ask those same questions. Where are we as a company? Where do we want to go? How did we get here? Hopefully that isn't the case with your company, but if it is don't beat yourself up as it's more common than you'd think and some companies won't even take the steps to get to that point!

So, are you lost? It's a question we should be asking of our companies regularly and ensuring we have the right aim as we go along in business. Some questions you can be asking of your company to determine if this is the case is

· Do we have a plan for the culture of our company?

· Does everyone in our company know the values, mission, and vision of the company?

· Do we celebrate individuals who exemplify our values instead of just numbers?

· Are we measuring our culture efforts as a company?

These are 4 questions that each and every company should be asking themselves regularly. Are you saying no to any of those? Then it may be time to take a closer look at the one thing that gives your company a competitive edge that can’t be duplicated – Your Culture!

We’ll be diving into a few of these issues through this blog but if you’re ready to take that next best step towards having a world-class company culture, we’d love to hear from you! Just click the Contact Us portion of our website!