COVID-19 has changed the world, we all know that. Companies are doing their best to figure out how to deal with stress points for employees, supply chains, and different demands on their company than they are used to. In the midst of the concern of business continuity, what has struck me is a business practice that will set a trajectory of success for companies across various organizations - not simply during this time of crisis, but one that will gain lifelong brand loyalty.

Everyone is dealing with a new challenge these days; however, the companies that make the biggest positive impact are the ones that are taking actions that adhere to their company culture. By now, you know we at CoCulture believe culture to be the single greatest force within a company. During these times, a focus on culture proves more valuable than ever. People remember what you do during times of crisis more than when you launch an IPO or outperform in the stock market. That’s why culture-based decisions today will ultimately brand your company for years to come, more than any logo or marketing campaign you could design.

Among all the doom and gloom in the media, stories of companies doing incredible things for their clients, coworkers, and community prevail as a beacon of hope. We hear stories like that of the executives of a countrywide company taking up to a 20% pay cut to keep employees on the payroll and at their current paygrade. Companies are utilizing their restaurant spaces for serving meals to the food insecure. A story that got me choked up was when a group of people from OpenLab decided to bring groceries and medications to seniors who can’t order them online to help them stay safe indoors. Even Zoom is offering schools a free subscription to conduct online classes.

For each of those companies, if I have the option to work with them, buy their product, or refer friends to work there you can bet I’m going to do that, and I’m not alone. Because of their commitment to helping people during this crisis, I won’t use anyone other than Zoom to do my conference calls. These decisions to focus on humanity during this time of need will affect their customers loyalty, their employees will work harder and longer, and their community will support them if they need it in the future. The currency for tomorrow’s market isn’t just in dollars and cents, but in the actions taken to build up a culture for the greater good.

Today’s decision will brand your company for a generation. What would you like to be known for?

image credit to SCORE