I’m reminded of a conference I attended in 2015 where they said “over 40% of the workforce will be remote by 2020”. What is significant about that is that they were accurate and that was BEFORE everything happened with this current pandemic. This trend isn’t slowing down either – it only is picking up steam and will increase in years to come. We may not get to the 60+% we’re currently at in 5 years after we figure out how to combat the virus, but as we’ve stated you’re going to need to get creative with the ways you reach out to your employees, and one of the best ways to do that is through technology.

Meetings will need to be done through a platform such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc but what about wellbeing? Training? Social interactions? This is where technology will need to be a supplement (not replacement) to the remote worker. We have looked at several of these platforms and you need to ask yourself, “what’s important to your organization?” and then research, research, research. There is no shortage of platforms to help combat these issues, but we’ve broken down our top 5 for you, not in any specific order:

Virgin Pulse – Great for larger companies looking to have a wide-array of options focused around physical wellbeing. User-friendly website and mobile application while integrating well with wearables.

Aduro/Limeade - Focused on human performance built around assessments followed by personalized journeys, self-guided learning and content, goals, and coaching.

WellRight – We’ve partnered with them (so please keep that in mind) as they are incredibly easy to set up with over 300+ holistic wellbeing challenges from day 1, along with high customization and ease of back-end use for you to run personalized challenges and coaching directed to your specific employee demographic. We also add in culture training for your managers through this platform.

Humana Vitality/360 - Offers features such as Vitality Age™ and Active Rewards with wearables.  Appeals to incentive-minded clients looking for integration with wearables.

Sonic Boom – Focused mainly on social engagement, and very plug-n-play. They are very hands-on coming up with challenges, coaching, and peer-to-peer recognition to do a wide variety of things for you.

There are obviously others that are out there. In fact, there’s no shortage of wellness portals you can use to reach your employees. During this pandemic, user reporting has increased from some of the nations top wearables. These self-reporting actions show not only are people using these platforms more, but they are more engaged with the overall process. We’d love to discuss with you which one of these makes sense for your employees and team. Feel free to contact us!